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  • VR2903 op

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    VR2903 op

    ethiopian opal oval fancy ring

    max width      8mm

    stone               6 x 4mm

  • VR2803 op

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    VR2803 op

    ethiopian opal oval ring fancy setting

    total height        18mm

    max width          20mm

    stone                   10 x 8mm


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  • VE29 op

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    VE29 op

    ethiopian opal oval stud

    total height 10mm

    max width 8mm

    stone 8x6mm

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  • LR3338

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    ethiopian opal round 3 bar ring

    max height 11mm

    stone diameter 6mm

    colour may vary

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  • VE3114 eop

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    VE3114 eop

    ethopian opal teardrop earring

    total height 26mm

    max width 8mm

    stone 9x7mm

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  • VR2804 eop

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    VR2804 eop

    ethiopian opal snake ring

    height                      10mm

    width                       15mm

    stone                        7 x 9mm

  • VE2901 lg

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    VE2901 lg

    ethiopian opal round wire earring

    total height 34mm

    diameter 19mm

    stone 7x5mm

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  • M2023 eop

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    M2023 eop

    ethiopian opal facet oval pendant

    total height 19mm

    max width 8mm

    stone 8x6mm

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  • M3108 eop

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    M3108 eop

    ethiopian opal facet teardrop pendant

    total height 20mm

    max width 8mm

    stone 9x6mm

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  • VE28A

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    ethiopian opal oval earring

    total height 24mm

    max width 6mm

    stone 6x4mm

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  • VE op18

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    VE op18

    ethiopian opal fancy round earring

    total height 33mm

    max diameter18mm

    stone diameter 4mm

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  • VE3104

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    ethiopian opal teardrop oxidised earring

    total height 37mm

    max width 16mm

    stone 8x5mm

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