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  • box rg

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    box rg

    white satin ring/stud cardboard box

    white foam insert


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  • box pend/er sm

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    box pend/er sm

    white satin pendant/earring small cardboard box

    white foam insert


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  • box bangle

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    box bangle

    white matt bangle cardboard box

    black foam insert

    internal dimensions 100x100x15mm

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  • drawer box

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    drawer box

    drawer box with satin pillow

    internal dimensions 65x65x40mm

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  • box pend/er lg

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    box pend/er lg

    white satin pendant/earring large cardboard box

    white foam insert


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  • net bag

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    net bag

    black net bag

    total height 130mm

    max width 120mm

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  • organza bag

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    organza bag

    pink organza bag

    pack of 10

    total height 97mm

    max width 67mm

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